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Hutten Care & Cure

The patients wishes and needs take the lead in the development of our care concepts. Hutten Care & Cure focuses on the recovery of patients and convalescents by providing healthy food and genuine hospitality throughout the day. We are convinced that the food experience is essential to the recovery process. This factor is often underestimated. However, we know that providing specialized, nutrition-dense foods contribute to patient recovery and vitality.

Hutten Care and Cure offers perfect tailor-made nutrition concepts in line with the vision, core values, needs, and ambitions of clients, guests, patients, and residents. Our concepts are targeted to food & beverage as well as a complete hospitality experience. With Hutten Care and Cure your food experience will be better, more fun, more vital and healthier. This also includes greater hospitality,  tastier food, made sustainably and fairly.

Heartfelt Hospitality 

A catering facility in a hospital is more than a space for food and drink. It is a place to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. We have vast experience in this area and work to satisfy by creating a welcoming space that completely reflects the culture of your institution.

In your restaurant or espresso bar, our dedicated and welcoming employees ensure that your guests feel at ease. This makes enjoying a tasty and healthy range of freshly prepared meals, good coffee, sandwiches, salads, fresh juices, smoothies and delicious soups a breeze. 

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