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Preparing food has been the traditional trade at Hutten for ninety years. Every day hundreds of dedicated chefs make the most delicious meals for you. We prepare as much as we can at our own location, so we can serve you the freshest products. We are the only caterer in Holland that has its own, 1600 m2 central kitchen, where creativity and flexibility rule 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can taste influences from all over the world in our meals, which will surprise and astound you. Every day!

Our culinary centre in Veghel is the largest traditional kitchen in the Netherlands. The beating heart of Hutten is ready 24/7. At night, we squeeze and blend juices and smoothies made with fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs in the tastiest flavour combinations. Pure, without all kinds of artificial additives.

Our team of top chefs consists of 15 collaborating, talented chefs, representing many different nationalities. They innovate, inspire and motivate. We’re the only caterer in the Netherlands with our own kitchen, our own executive chefs and the top chefs are training the other chefs in hospitality and catering. The mission of our selected chefs is to surprise you every week. You’re the point of departure for making better and healthier dishes and recipes every day.



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