Everybody knows that eating less meat isn’t just good for the environment, but for your body as well. Food contributes significantly to how fit and happy you feel. We believe that eating meat every day is outdated. That’s why we strive for a diet in which meat and fish alternate with vegetarian end vegetable dishes. 

We’ll be taking on the challenge of trying to get you to eat less meat. We would love to help you by that during lunch or any other time at the day! Forget about boring or tasteless food. Vegetables are playing a central role in our dishes, with a variety of surprising flavour combinations. You can easily recognize the vegetarian dishes in the restaurant. Just look for the green signs.

Discover our veggie recipes for at home
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Good for you

Eating a little less meat is good for your body. When you replace meat with more vegetables, fruit, whole meal grain products, and legumes, this will have a positive effect on your health. Fill your plate with vegetables first, and then add some animal-based foods in moderation. Dairy, eggs, meat and fish are good for you, but you need less of them than you think. Always choose the unprocessed option.

Try to eat 300 grams of vegetables a day because that is what’s best for your body. On average, we only eat 127 grams of vegetables a day. Trade in your good old sandwich at lunch for a salad, and make vegetables the stars of your dinner, and you’ll be able to get those 300 grams a day. Go for as much variety as you can. That’s how you get different nutrients in your body. How often do you catch yourself eating the same for each breakfast and lunch? Variety is key.

It's all about drinking plenty of water, eating more vegetal products, less meat and as few highly processed products as possible. Give it a try!

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Recipes for at home

hartig wentelteefje geitenkaas

Hearty french toast with goat cheese

Click here for the recipe

Curry met kikkererwten en zoete aardappel

Curry with checkpeas and sweet patato

Click here for the recipe

Stamppot wortel en zoete aardappel

Carrot and sweet patato purree

Click here for the recipe

quiche met prei en geitenkaas 40

Quiche with goat cheese, spinach and red onion

Click here for the recipe

rode bieten hummus

Red beet hummus

Click here for the recipe

Dim Sum

Green cabbage Dim Sum

Click here for the recipe

Good for the planet

The consumption of animal products leads to CO2 emissions and deforestation. For these reasons, we think its important to eat more vegetables and less animal food. Eating more meals without meat or fish is a simple way of having an incredibly positive impact on humans, animals and the environment. It’s sustainable and healthy, and luckily increasingly more people choose to eat no meat on one or multiple days in the week. 

For example: if everybody were to eat no meat for one day, we would save 400,000 animals. In addition, there’d be less greenhouse gas emissions and we’d save water. If we each eat vegetarian one day a week, we can make the difference for the future of our planet. Then we wouldn’t only need fewer animals, but they would also be living better lives. So they can graze and forage outside all they want. 

Source video: Voedingscentrum (video in Dutch)

Your savings by not eating meat for a week


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