Making good products that we all support 100%. That’s what makes us happy! Most of our products are freshly prepared, with natural ingredients and contain no additives, because that’s the true definition of home-made! 70% of the products on offer in your restaurant have been homemade by our chefs.

Samenwerkers Food Revolution Day 3


The way we treat our food and beverages shows how we see the world and who we are. Knowing what you choose is important to us! We don’t think that we know everything and do everything right, but we sincerely try to make a genuine impact by giving the best we’ve got. Most of all by being honest about what we do and communicating clearly.

We feel responsible for the food and beverages we offer you. This is why we follow the guidelines of authorities that have the latest scientific insights regarding food in relation to health and sustainability. We’ve combined all these insights into our own vision of food and beverages. Ingredients that comply with the set requirement are included in our sustainable private label. Hutten’s private label is always the best choice in the restaurant. Our products contain less sugar, less salt, and healthier fats, ensuring conservation of vitamins and minerals, a better life for animals, transparency about where our ingredients come from, and no artificial E-numbers.

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Homemade in our kitchens