Our baristas will prepare a cappuccino, latte macchiato, Americano or other delicious drink for you with love. Choose your snack from the selection of homemade sweets offered by our organic bakery. Relax and enjoy your special coffee moment. We only use the best coffee beans with a story: Bocca!

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In the Your Barista espresso bars, certified baristas really make the difference. They experiment with coffee all day long. The preparation of coffee is a lifestyle for them. They love to  discover every flavour possible so that they’ll be able to surprise you with that delicious ‘black gold’. Striving for the ultimate coffee experience, that’s the mission of our baristas!

Also, a barista manager guides our barista pool. He or she visits all our espresso bars to guarantee continuity with coaching-on-the-job training programs.

You can taste the difference!

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Good coffee
takes love

Bocca’s love for coffee of the very best quality started fifteen years ago. As the first coffee roaster in the Netherlands, Bocca manages the entire process of selecting, purchasing, shipping, tasting, roasting, and packing the coffee. This way, they can offer the best quality for a fair price, so it makes everybody in the supply chain, from farmer to guest, better and happier!

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Spicy notes combine with hints of sweet caramel and chocolate to create a delightful explosion in the mouth. Even light roast aficionados will be pleasantly surprised when they discover this gem. 

Bombita is our darkest roast, an accessible coffee that everyone will enjoy. Very suitable for full automatic machines. Bombita currently consists of the Brazilian Recreio and Colombian Inga Aponte. The Fazenda Recreio is in the Grama Valley, near the city of Pocos de Calda. Everything on the farm is done by hand: from planting the trees to picking the cherries. The Teixeira de Macedo family has been growing coffee here for over five generations and are a shining example to others. They work hard to improve the coffee chain in general and feel genuinely responsible for the workers on their farm: they have built houses, a school, a football field and even a church for them. The church, in particular, was a special gift. Designed by the famous Brazilian modernist architect Oscar Niemeyer, it’s built on a hill overlooking the entire valley.

Quality is the most important value for the farm. To ensure consistency, the coffee from Fazenda Recreio is tracked during its entire process: from harvest to shipping to storing in the warehouses. The owners of the farm also continuously innovate to improve the quality of their coffee – with great success.

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The Inga Aponte farm is in the Nariño region in the South of Colombia where it sits at an altitude of 2,150 metres above sea level. Here, the fertile volcanic soil enriches the taste of the cherries, resulting in a full-bodied coffee with sweet notes of milk chocolate, hazelnuts and melon.

The workers at Inga Aponte are known as the Ingas – a community of nomads that once lived in the Peruvian mountains and are descended from the Incas. They form part of a huge project run by the local and central government to replace illegal crops – such as opium – with others. Coffee is one of the main ones.

Year after year, we are stunned by the high quality of the coffee produced by the Ingas. And we have come to trust the Inga Aponte to lend a delicate flavour to this blend.

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