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Enjoy together! That makes you happy

Eating and drinking not only boosts your energy level, it is also fuel for the soul! Flavours that come together in perfect harmony, your favourite dish, a moment of relaxation, meeting colleagues or celebrating moments together; food and drink is about happiness and connecting. And that’s what we want, for you to savour the moment!

Lunch Klimaatpositief Bedrijfsrestaurant min
This week in the restaurant

Climate positive? A Big Deal!

We like to get you involved with our personal story. Together with you, we want to achieve our goal of becoming climate neutral by 2024 and regenerative, or climate positive, by 2030!

Paprika gazpachio min
Later in the restaurant

Less waste? A big deal!

Together, we will aim to reduce waste even more from March 27th until March 31st. And that’s a big deal! Taste our delicious soup from De Verspillingsfabriek, a grilled sandwich made with yesterday’s bread, and salads loaded with imperfect vegetables. Will you save with us?

Brioche pasen
Later in the restaurant

Who will find the golden egg?

It’s Easter on Sunday 9th and Monday 10th of April. Find the golden egg in the restaurant from April 3rd until April 7th and you have a chance of winning an Easter package!