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Healthy lunch? A big deal!

September 25-29 marks Nationale Vitaliteitsweek (National Vitality Week), a week devoted to making the Dutch workforce more aware of their vitality. Keep smiling all day! Because when you feel great, it shows – and it boosts your energy levels. Fuel your soul!

We at Hutten contribute to your vitality because feeling great starts with eating healthy and delicious food. Fresh, unprocessed ingredients are bursting with beneficial nutrients. They not only contribute to your health but also largely determine how fit and happy you feel, because eating real, delicious food is pure happiness!

Want more tips about staying fit?

  • Healthy food and drink are key. But don’t worry; this week, we will help you get started by highlighting healthy choices when dining out. Getting a good start is half the battle!
  • Move your body! Some quick and easy ways to get your body moving a bit more during your workday include taking the stairs instead of the lift and walking over to your co-worker’s office instead of picking up the phone.
  • Don’t forget to take time to relax. Step away from your desk during your lunch break and take a short walk.
  • Connect with your co-workers and join forces to help keep each other fit!

If you’re happy, so are we!

September 22nd 2023

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Less waste? A big deal!

11–17 September is National Zero Waste Week. And we at Hutten also believe that reducing waste is A BIG DEAL! Because cutting back on waste not only tastes good; it’s important. Save with us to cut back on food waste, one step at a time!

TIPS for at home

  • Frozen fruits and vegetables are not only as fresh and nutritious as fresh products (if not more so); they last longer too.
  • Take time to find out where to best store your food: in or out of the fridge!
  • Do you have any product leftovers that have passed their best-before date (THT in Dutch)? Inspect, smell and taste to check if it still tastes good before using it.
  • Perishable products are marked with a use-by date (TGT in Dutch). This date marks the last day that it is safe to consume the product. If you can’t consume the product by the use-by date, store it in the freezer!
  • As long as you properly store leftovers, you should be fine eating them at a later date. Make sure you seal your leftovers correctly to protect your food. Leftover food will usually keep up to two days in the refrigerator and three months in the freezer.
  • Freeze bread and take it out of the freezer only hen you plan on consuming it; this way, you’ll always have fresh bread at your fingertips!
  • Finely chop leftover fresh herbs and keep them in an ice cube tray. Fill the tray with oil and then store the tray in the freezer. Use the herb cubes while cooking by adding them to the pan.

Source: Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling

This week, we will help you on your way during your lunch break in our restaurant with our online guide. Or click on the button below to access the guide now!

September 8th 2023

Soep min

Culinary Craftsmanship? A Big Deal!

Traditional recipes prepared by hand; that’s what we call homemade! We use fresh and unprocessed ingredients whenever possible. We also want to know where our ingredients come from. With those ingredients, we almost make everything ourselves. Whatever we cannot make on-site is prepared in one of our kitchens, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by our dedicated chefs!

We stand for tasty, attractive, healthy, sustainable and transparent food, and we believe there is much ground to be won in the supply chain. That is why we carefully select our farmers and suppliers, produce almost everything ourselves, and store and deliver our own products. This allows us to retain control of our supply chains we make sure that you get food that is not only good but also tasteful! We turn our culinary craftsmanship into our culinary strength! Want to know more about our kitchens and our own products?

June 22, 2023

From our kitchens
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