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Enjoying real food!

We are convinced that what you eat counts: fresh, natural ingredients bursting with nutrients contribute to our good health. Think juicy apples and pears, crips fresh lettuces and nutrient-dense chickpeas, just to name a few. These ingredients are gathered directly from nature and require little modification before making it to the table. When we talk about healthy food, we mean raw products that contain many healthy nutrients, both macronutrients and micronutrients. Enjoying real food is the base point.

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“Eat more plant-based foods, fresh and varied, choose whole grain, eat fewer animal-based foods and minimise processed food.”

Tips for a healthy lifestyle!

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Drink mostly water

We start with water and that’s for a good reason. Our bodies are 70% water. Your body needs 1.5 to 2 litres of fluids a day. The best thirst-quencher is water. Want more variety? Add fresh fruit or raw vegetables. Or have a cup of coffee or tea, without sugar or sweetener of course. No juices and sodas. They mainly provide your body with sugar.

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Eat more vegetables, fruit & legumes

The biggest step towards a healthy diet is made by eating plant-based foods. Mainly by eating more vegetables. Those have a positive effect on your health. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and vegetable oils are part of a healthy diet. Eat 300 grams of vegetables a day because that is what’s best for your body. On average, we only eat 127 grams of vegetables a day.

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Eat fewer animal based food

We encourage the transition to a consumption pattern based mainly on plant-based proteins. That is better for your health and for the planet. Dairy, eggs, fish, and meat are good for you, but you need less than you think. Always choose the unprocessed version of an ingredient: choose fresh salmon over a ready-made sandwich spread. Small portions are enough. Fill your plate with plenty of vegetables before adding a modest amount of animal-based products.

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Minimise processed food

We believe in the preventive power of unprocessed food and how food can contribute to your well-being. We select products that have lost as few nutrients as possible through conservation or treatment during harvesting or processing. Fresh and unprocessed, in other words.

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Choose whole grain

Whole grains contain lots of fiber. Fiber not only aids digestion, it also helps us to feel satisfied after a meal. Not only whole grain bread, rice and breakfast cereals contain fiber, fresh fruits, vegetables, potatoes, pulses and nuts do too.