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Creating impact together

Hutten wants to let you know what we stand for. We want to contribute to your happiness and the well-being of future generations. That is why we focus on six main themes.

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Culinary craftsmanship

Traditional recipes prepared by hand; that’s what we call homemade! We use fresh and unprocessed ingredients whenever possible. Whatever we cannot make on-site is prepared in one of our kitchens, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by our dedicated chefs!

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Genuine hospitality

Our teamworkers always go the extra mile to turn every-day moments into something special. That’s how we want to bring a smile to your face every day! And if you’re happy, so are we. Your moment of pure happiness, and we are happy to contribute!

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Contribute to happiness

We genuinely want to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Because contributing to another person’s happiness is the guiding principle driving everything we do. We create spaces where people connect and where delicious, fine food is just as essential as personal service.

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Climate positive

By 2024, we will be climate neutral! We will achieve this by working with parties who help us compensate for our carbon emissions by doing things like planting trees. But we want to go the extra mile! Not just for you but for the animals and our planet. We are striving to improve our own supply chain by only working with farmers and growers who put more carbon back into the ground than they emit into the air. For you, this means even fresher food, plant-based, and straight from the farm! Our goal is to become regenerative – in other words, climate positive – by 2030!

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Healthy food

Enjoying pure, tasty, and tasteful food is our guiding principle. Fresh, unprocessed ingredients are bursting with healthy nutrients. Our chefs love to show you how you can eat healthy yet delicious food. How? By focusing on vegetables and fruit, more wholegrain products and occasionally supplemented by meat, fish and dairy. That’s also what makes us all happy!

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Social equality

We want to make a difference to you and society. For instance, we provide ample opportunities for people who experience challenges with entering the workforce because we hate to see talent go to waste. They are responsible for our scrumptious soups at De Verspillingsfabriek. Our bakers, who are hard of hearing, bake up a storm at our care bakery, and you can order your freshly brewed coffee in sign language from one of our sign-language baristas.