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Beeld Website 3

Hello we are Hutten
It's good to see you!

Hutten looks to warm and win hearts. And we do that with our culinary craftsmanship and exuberant hospitality, with staff who genuinely want to make a difference. That's how we want to contribute to your well-being.

We want to create a positive impact on today and tomorrow's world.  Grandpa Jan Hutten devoted all his attention to baking the finest bread, and Bob's father, Piet, cooked with passion and flair. Today, we still want to create the finest and most delicious food that will make people happy. Our engagement with the world around us makes us just a tad cheeky when it comes to conducting business. We don't exclude anyone, and we actively combat waste. We treat our planet, the source of this fantastic food, with respect. We want our food to be tasty, attractive, healthy, sustainable, and transparent. This is our guiding principle for all that wonderful food that we cook every single day. It's our way of showing you that you can eat delicious and healthy food that is good for your body and generations to come. 

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