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A large number of the sweets we offer in your restaurant come from our own bakery. In our (organic) bakery, we bake the best sausage rolls, biscuits, muffins and brownies. The pastry shop has the most delicious chocolates with surprising fillings. Each one handmade!

Even in the products we make with ‘surplus’ ingredients, such as banana bread from overripe bananas, sustainability and craft take centre stage. We develop products from our food model with less sugar, less salt and less fat, which means that we work with the a full variety of animal fats. At the moment, we’re already experimenting with developing new products! For us, less sugar truly means adding less sugar and using as many natural sweeteners as possible.

Our assortment consists of over twenty types of biscuits, muffins and brownies, from cranberry, granola, and rocky road, to red beet! Won’t you come by soon to taste them?

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Hearing impaired bakers work in our bakeries. They make the most delicious biscuits and aren’t all talk because these bakers communicate using sign language! The Hutten bakery was created when we took over the management of the Kentalis Compas bakery in September 2015. The original goal of the Kentalis Compas Bakery was to offer former hearing-impaired students and clients, who couldn’t find an ordinary job, a meaningful way to spend their days in a pleasant working environment adapted to their needs. And we fully support this objective.


Rockslide browne

Rocky Road Brownie

De Guijt fudge brownie

Hutten Brownie

De Guijt muffin met appel en kaneel

Apple cinnamon muffin 

De Guijt muffin met vanille

Vanilla muffin

De Guijt muffin met vanille en chocolade

Chocolate muffin

De Guijt muffin met blauwe bessen

Blueberry muffin


Sausage roll


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PH koffiebonen 1800x550

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