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Traditional recipes, made by hand: that’s homemade. For any occasion: we’re all about fresh, pure food and beverages. Anything we can’t make at your location is made in one of our kitchens. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by our 200 passionate cooks, representing 37 different nationalities and 15 international cuisines.

In our restaurants, our chefs prepare fresh salads, hot meals and handmade sandwiches every day, and in Veghel, our large traditional kitchen is hard at work every day and night. At night, we squeeze, juice and mix juices and smoothies from fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs into the most delicious flavour combinations. Pure, without any additives and processing. In The Waste Factory, we cook our soups, which are based on homemade broth made with salvaged surplus vegetables. In our bakery, we bake the most delicious sausage rolls, muffins, apple beignets, egg cakes and more. And, we do it all with more flavour, but less sugar, fat and salt. Of the products we offer in your restaurant, 70% are homemade by our chefs.

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We prepare our dishes with salvaged vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers that were rejected because they were too small, big, thick or crooked. Rejected because of their looks, but not by us! We’re one of the few caterers in the Netherlands who handles surplus and salvaged food.

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We feel responsible for the food and beverages we serve to you. This is why we follow the guidelines of authorities that have the latest scientific insights regarding food in relation to health and sustainability. We’ve combined all these insights into our own vision on food and beverages centred on five elements: flavourful, attractive, healthy, sustainable, and transparent. Our products contain less sugar, less salt, and healthier fats, ensuring conservation of vitamins and minerals, a better life for animals, transparency about where our ingredients come from, and no artificial E-numbers. We believe in doing business sustainably and we’re aware of the origins of all our products. That’s why we can tell you a transparent, honest story!

Many people eat too many processed products that often contain excessive amounts of sugar and salt, conservatives and artificial colours, fragrances, or flavourings. We choose to prepare our products and dishes as fresh as possible, using well-chosen ingredients.

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In addition to being freshly prepared, our products contain higher nutritional values. Take our tomatoes: because we manage our own logistics, our tomatoes spend as little time in transport as possible. That way, our farmers can keep the tomatoes growing longer, so they will contain more nutrients. Our tomatoes have higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and fibre! Isn’t it great to be able to contribute to your health in this way?!

We’re convinced that eating and drinking pure products ensures that you feel better and happier! Choose conscientiously. Go for fresh vegetables and fruits, homemade juices and soups, locally-produced tasty meat, irresistible sandwiches or salads and well-chosen snacks. Our vision on eating and drinking healthily is not about the quantity of food we eat, but about what we eat. A healthy lifestyle centred around unprocessed, fresh and varied food. Hutten wants to help you to make healthier choices.

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Hutten wants to make a genuine impact on you and the society of today and tomorrow. We do that with sincere hospitality and delicious, healthy, and traditionally-prepared food and beverages. Social responsibility is our duty. We do this with our active inclusivity policy. As an inclusive employer, we offer ample opportunities to people who experience difficulties entering the labour market to participate in the work process. We want to contribute to a world in which everyone is welcome!

In The Waste Factory, we give people who experience difficulties entering the labour market a chance to fully participate in the work process. They make our delicious sauces, soups, meal components and ragouts. And, in our bakery, our bakers make the best biscuits and sausage rolls. We started out with former students of Kentalis Compas and other hearing impaired people when we took over the bakery in 2015. It’s challenging for them to find an ordinary job, and they found a meaningful way to spend their days in a pleasant work environment that’s adapted to their needs. By now, other people who experience difficulties entering the labour market have also found a job there.

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