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Luckily, we have a lot of influence over which ingredients we use and how we prepare our products. For our private label, we conscientiously choose the suppliers of our ingredients.

We want to know where our ingredients come from, who has made them and, most of all, under which circumstances they were produced. That’s why we can tell you a transparent and honest story because knowing what you choose is important to us! Because we have the logistics and the kitchen fully under our own management, we’re able to control the entire supply chain.

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We work together with over thirty local, sustainable farmers and growers. The meat and dairy products come from farmers who work passionately and with love on improving animal welfare every day. This is why we know which cattle our meat comes from, we follow it every step of the way from the pasture to your mouth! For the same reason, we conscientiously choose Rondeel-eggs and Volwaard-chicken. We know for sure that the animals have (had) a good life. Also, we think it’s important to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible for the production of our ingredients. When choosing the farmers of our vegetables and fruits, we look very critically at the way in which they produce. We also use as many regional ingredients as possible. What is not grown locally, such as coffee beans, cocoa, oranges and certain types of fish, we purchase from more distant suppliers, but we always know where they come from and how the producer works! We strive for as few food kilometres per product as possible: a maximum of 500 kilometres from the producer to your plate!

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You don’t just become a farmer or supplier for Hutten! Our farmers’ products contain no artificial colours, fragrances, flavourings or harmful E-numbers, which means the products are 100% natural and have high nutritional values. With less salt, less sugar and healthier fats. Our farmers all have one thing in common: they love what they do!

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