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We’ll be challenging you to be seduced by Legumes. they have an old-fashioned image and have therefore not yet found their way into our daily diets. We would like to change that! Come taste in the restaurant or prepare our recipes for at home.

Legumes are very small, delicious and nutritious vitamin bombs that belong in a healthy diet. They are full of fibre, contain vegetable proteins and a variety of vitamins. Full of energy! Because the proteins in legumes are complete proteins, legumes are the perfect meat substitutes. You can substitute 100 grams of meat with 75 grams of legumes. That’s not only much more environmentally friendly, but also more animal friendly

Legumes fit perfectly in a modern lifestyle because they taste good in various dishes and are very healthy. 

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Good for you
But why then are legumes so healthy? The reason lies in the fact that they contribute to a lower level of bad LDL-cholesterol. A low LDL-cholesterol level is good for your heart and blood vessels. Also, legumes contain lots of fibre, which is beneficial for your bowel function and for maintaining a healthy stomach. 

Source: Maag Lever Darm Stichting

Good for the planet
Legumes are leguminous plants, just like peas and lentils. This plant family shares one unique quality: They can fix atmospheric nitrogen directly through bacteria in their roots. By incorporating plant remains full of nitrogen, extra nutrients are being added to the soil.

That’s why legumes are being grown amongst other crops (crop rotation). Thanks to the legumes’ ability to fix nitrogen, the fertility of the soil is being improved and less fertiliser is needed for further cultivation on the same soil. Some legume species can be cultivated in less fertile soil where other crops fail to grow.

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Delicious, varied & local

Do lentils sound somewhat exotic to you? They shouldn’t, because legumes can grow just fine in a cold and rainy country like the Netherlands and are therefore a truly environmentally-friendly ingredient. If you choose to put beans on your menu more often, you’ll produce fewer food miles. The possibilities are endless: white beans, brown beans, chickpeas, kidney beans and beluga beans, each kind just as delicious as the next. Can we seduce you with legumes? Have a look on our recipe page


Buddha Bowl zoete aardappel kikkererwt

Buddha bowl with sweet patato & chickpeas

Click here for the recipe

Curry met kikkererwten en zoete aardappel

Curry with chickpeas & sweet patato

Click here for the recipe

Chili sin carne

Chili sin carne with maize bread

Click here for the recipe

Buddha Bowl falafel rode kool wortel bloemkool pistache

Buddha bowl with falafel

Click here for the recipe

Salade groene peulvruchten mosterdzaad dragon

Salad with green legumes

Click here for the recipe


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