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homemade products from Hutten's kitchens

Making products that we all support 100% - that's what makes us happy. All our dishes are prepared by Hutten's international chefs, who like to do nothing more than whip up mouth-watering dishes. In our traditional kitchen in Veghel, in our bakery and at The Waste Factory. Freshly prepared with natural ingredients and no additives, because that's the true definition of homemade!

We hope that you enjoy eating this delicious food as much as they enjoy making it for you.  Our goal is to put a smile on your face. You can't give us a bigger compliment than that. Food that will make you happy! 

Our products

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Savoury salads and spreads

We’re all about fresh and pure food and beverages. And that includes a super fresh preparation! Everything we don’t make on location comes from our Culinary Centre in Veghel. Here, we make fresh spreads and savoury salads every day: all homemade with 100% natural ingredients, according to our chefs’ recipes. Our chicken salads are made with Volwaard-chicken, our egg salad with Rondeel eggs, and the tuna salad from sustainable tuna. Delicious on our homemade sandwich or for creating your own bread topping.

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Soups & Sauces

Enjoy the most refined flavours in their purest form. In The Waste Factory, we make our soups and sauces using ingredients that otherwise would have been discarded, prepared by people at a distance from the labour market - because we hate to see anything go to waste.
Every day on the menu.

Discover more about The Waste Factory

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Sweets and savouries from our bakery

Handmade with love in our bakery. Try our sausage rolls or the vegetarian version with a stuffing made from sustainably grown oyster mushrooms. Or our delicious biscuits, muffins, and brownies. Or banana bread, courgette cake and carrot cake made from salvaged fruits and vegetables. Available in our restaurants, espresso bars and at Ekoplaza.

Take a look at our bakery.

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Apple juice

Our apple juice is pressed and bottled straight from the orchard. Contains a mix of apples for a fresh sweet taste. Full of vitamins without additives.

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Milk & Buttermilk

We like to let our four-legged ladies wander and graze freely. Indoors or out in the fresh air, that's up to them. What makes our dairy so rich and creamy?  We don't standardise the

milk, and we churn our milk by traditional means. And it's super fresh because the cows graze right next to the dairy. In other words, from cow to cup on the same day. Except for our buttermilk, which we ferment for at least 12 hours beforehand

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Coffee & Tea

Our search for the finest coffee beans took us to Colombia and Brazil. That's where the finest Arabica coffee beans are grown. The slow roasting of our blends takes place at a local coffee roaster using traditional processes. The packaging is carried out by our talented heroes who are at a distance from the labour market. Coffee can't get any better than this!

Discover the story of We Colombian.

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World dishes

Varied world dishes prepared with fresh ingredients by Hutten's international chefs. You can taste that they enjoy cooking delicious food. Ideal as an overtime meal or super easy when you don't have time to cook. Food that makes you happy!

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Grab 'n Go

Discover our fresh to go products. From chef salads, fruit & veggie pots, richly filled sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, wraps, side salads to desserts.



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