Courgette 'Spaghetti’ with red pepper sauce


How to prepare it

  1. Wash the courgette and cut off the ends. Make ‘spaghetti’ with the courgettes using a julienne grater or cheese grater.
  2. Toss the garlic, red peppers, sea salt and olive oil with the courgette spaghetti.

Preperation tip
You can make courgette spaghetti with a simple cheese grater or vegetable peeler. There are special julienne graters available that also do a great job. For this dish, I’ve used a julienne grater. There are also special mandolins and vegetable mills for making vegetable spaghetti.

Serving tip
Just like ordinary spaghetti, the courgette spaghetti can be served hot. It’s simply a matter of briefly cooking the courgettes in a wok or hot skillet, together with the garlic and red peppers.


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