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Rejecting vegetables because of their looks? Isn’t that wrong? Every year in the Netherlands, at least 5 billion euros worth of high-quality food is discarded. Too small, or misshapen, too colourful, or with hard ends: fresh vegetables end up as waste because they don’t have the right shape, size or colour. We couldn’t stand it any longer, and so, we went looking for a solution to use the surplus food produced by farmers, horticulturists, or waste produced by professional slicers and auctions for new and useful purposes. We started The Waste Factory. The Waste Factory saves surplus vegetables and makes delicious fresh soups and sauces from it. These are made without unnecessary additives and chock-full of vegetables. Prepared according to the recipes of top chefs, made by colleagues who experience difficulties entering the labour market.

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The discarded, misshapen vegetables, the hard parts of tomatoes, the surplus of farmers, growers, horticulturists, or waste produced by professional slicers. How could you call these ‘worthless’ products? It makes no sense to throw them away! In The Waste Factory, we turn them into fresh soups and sauces.

We’ve developed recipes with vegetables that we saved and those that come from excessive surplus, such as mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, and bell peppers. With salvaged ingredients, you can still make fine, flavourful, honest recipes because they’re chock-full of flavour and nutrients.

Our well-filled tomato soup is prepared with fresh tomatoes instead of tomato puree, where else do you find that? 

These soups are on the menu in your restaurant nearly every day. Have you already tried them?

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Prepare our soups with surplus vegetables at home. You’ll find them in at Albert Heijn under the brand name ‘Buitenbeentjes’. Our products are chock-full of good ingredients. Sealed and ready-made for two to three people. Just heat them up! 

Taste our creamy tomato soup or Italian tomato soup. The soup contains tomato and (red) pepper residual flows. In every batch of soup it is in any case a part of rescued products from the Albert Heijn chain. These come from the regular growers from both the Netherlands and abroad, who have been supplying their products to Albert Heijn for years.

Together, we’ll fight food waste!

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The Waste Factory has one important goal: repurpose food that was meant to be used as human food as human food. For us, consigning surplus food to be used as animal feed or for bio-fermentation is also waste.
The Waste Factory has knowledge and expertise in the field of food salvaging and has brought these together in one place. The help of like-minded partners and initiatives are incredibly important in chasing the dream of ending food waste together.

No wasted talent 
In our factory, we give people who experience difficulties entering the labour market a chance to fully participate in the work process. They’re the ones making these delicious sauces and soups. In short, we stand up for the ‘rest’! 

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