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In the Your Barista espresso bars, certified baristas really make the difference. They experiment with coffee all day long. The preparation of coffee is a lifestyle for them. They love to  discover every flavour possible so that they’ll be able to surprise you with that delicious ‘black gold’. Striving for the ultimate coffee experience, that’s the mission of our baristas! Also, a barista manager guides our barista pool. He or she visits all our espresso bars to guarantee continuity with coaching-on-the-job training programs.

Choose your snack from the selection of homemade sweets offered by our care bakery. Relax and enjoy your special coffee moment. We only use the best coffee beans with a story.

You can taste the difference!

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Flavour, quality & orgin

We care about good coffee. We aim for the best flavour and quality in addition to an origin we can trace, from berry to bean. Our search for these coffee beans has led us to the high mountains of Colombia, where, at an altitude of up to 1800 metres, our Arabica coffee beans are being grown, in one single region. In this perfect microclimate for the Arabica plant, the red berries are hand-picked, one by one, only when they are truly ripe. The result is a sweeter, fruitier and fuller taste. The beans are then slow-roasted in the traditional, authentic way at a local coffee roasting company, bringing out the best flavours. We offer two varieties: the lightly-roasted Smooth Roast and the Deep Roast, which has a longer roasting time. You’ll recognise the smooth, soft, fruity flavour of our Smooth Roast by its hints of milk chocolate and red fruits. Our Deep Roast is more intense and tastes like dark chocolate and dried apricots. 

Which flavour adventure will you try first?

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Circular & sustainable

Good coffee is sustainable, throughout the entire supply chain. That’s why we only use coffee beans that are 100% organic, SKAL-certified, and produced without chemicals and pesticides. This ensures that the water and soil stay clean, and the pulp can be processed into compost for the plantation. Our care for the environment doesn’t stop when our beans have left the plantation. For instance, we deliver the beans to your location in special reusable containers. Normally, coffee beans are packed in disposable bags made of foil which cannot be recycled because of the various raw materials they contain. Also, it takes about a metre of foil to make one bag. Our packaging system produces much less waste and allows us to save up to 20,000 metres of foil. That’s about as long as 281 Boeing 737’s…

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Social entrepreneurship

We care. That’s why we support the female coffee farmers of Women’s Power in their fight for equal rights. Gender inequality is a huge issue in Colombia. Therefore, we invest in education for female coffee farmers, so they can be trained to become premium bean farmers. By focusing on premium coffee, they won’t have to compete on the mainstream coffee market, which is all about low prices instead of quality. Investing in education means investing in the future. It improves the women’s chances on the job market, changes traditional ways of thinking, and fights for equal rights. For every kilo of coffee beans, 1 euro will be donated to Women’s Power. This is about 15,000 euros a year! Also, we work together with local pickers and roasters. And, in the Netherlands, talented heroes with a disadvantage on the labour market pack the beans with the utmost care. We care about good coffee, in every way. So it tastes even better!



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