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We are Hutten

We started out in 1929 as a bakery. Today, we provide food, beverages and hospitality services to businesses, healthcare institutions, and restaurants in addition to meetings and events throughout the Netherlands. Our teamworkers lead the way with their boundless energy to add value and provide meaning to our clients, suppliers, each other and society. They come with solutions that help clients achieve their goals. And in doing so, our guests always come first. We serve them healthy and tasty lunches, follow the best nutritional guidelines for recovery from illness, and create the most delicious food during unforgettable events. Guests feel comfortable with us because our friendliness and hospitality comes straight from the heart. We create spaces where people connect and where delicious, fine food is just as essential as personal service; these are spaces where people can flourish in their work, recover from an illness, or celebrate life.

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Caring for our planet and society is an essential part of that philosophy; because we want to hand over a healthy world to future generations. That is why we are striving to become climate neutral by 2024 and climate positive by 2030, making healthy food one of our top priorities, and actively working towards creating social equality. We allow our teamworkers to make a meaningful contribution to society and the promotion of happiness. Because contributing to another person’s happiness is the guiding principle driving everything Hutten does.

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“Our guests feel comfortable with us, because conviviality and hospitality come straight from our hearts”

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Working at Hutten

We always look for people who want the most out of their day in terms of results, development and, above all, job satisfaction – in other words, having fun! And that in a team environment with other colleagues, whom we call teamworkers. Sound crazy?! Well, we are a little bit crazy. Crazy about food, creative concepts, genuine hospitality towards our guests, and new solutions for our clients.

Are you a go-getter who can help us make the world a better place? We would love to meet you.

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