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Genuine hospitality

We believe genuine hospitality contributes to happy employees and clients as well as better company results. Hospitality is for everyone, but not the same for everyone. That is why understanding guests and having the right means to connect with them is so important. In order to do this, Hutten developed the hospitality architecture method. This allows us to monitor, improve and safeguard the hospitality within an organisation so that we continue to win our guests’ hearts.

Hutten Business Horeca bedrijfsrestaurant vers lunchaanbod bereid door chef

Our services

Flexibele cateraar voor bedrijven

Self-service restaurant

Bedrijfsrestaurant voor medewerkers

Espresso bar

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Market / Vending

Flexwerkplek in amsterdam


Bedrijfshoreca in brabant

Bespoke solutions

Hutten Business Horeca gastvrije samenwerker ontvangt gast in espressobar


Flexwerken in bedrijf

Work Café


Culinary craftsmanship

We stand for food that is tasty, attractive, healthy, sustainable and transparent. That is why we carefully select our farmers and suppliers, produce almost everything ourselves, and deliver our own products. So, we have influence over our entire supply chain. We turn our culinary craftsmanship into our culinary strength.

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