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What we do

We do everything we can to make the day of employees, guests and patients tastier, healthier and more fun. All our collaborators contribute to this with their own expertise. Our chefs, baristas, hostesses and catering staff are the most visible to the guest. But don't forget our drivers, HR employees, bakers, financial specialists, regional managers, warehouse pickers, marketing specialists, sales professionals, concept developers, back office employees and everyone we forgot to mention here. Everyone can excel in hospitality and do their best every day for you and your guests.

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Culinary craftsmanship

We make the most delicious food with the finest fresh ingredients. We stand for tasty, attractive, healthy, sustainable and transparent food, and we believe there is much ground to be won in the supply chain. That is why we carefully select our farmers and suppliers, produce almost everything ourselves, and store and deliver our own products. This allows us to retain control of our supply chains. And we can customise our food for every market. Protein-rich paste nutrition for Care & Cure, star-quality fine-dining dishes for Meetings & Events, and healthy lunches for Business Catering. We turn our culinary craftsmanship into our culinary strength! 

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Genuine hospitality

We believe genuine hospitality contributes to happy employees and clients as well as better company results. Our hospitality revolves around giving and paying attention. This includes an open attitude and being authentic with your guests. Clients, colleagues, and suppliers; hospitality is for everyone, but not the same for everyone. That is why understanding guests and having the right means to connect with them is so important. In order to do this, Hutten developed the hospitality architecture method. This allows us to monitor, improve and safeguard the hospitality within an organisation so that we continue to win our guests’ hearts.  

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“We do everything we can to make the day of employees, guests and patients tastier, healthier and more fun”

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