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Your place or ours?

The opportunities are endless when it comes to choosing locations. We have one rule: wherever you want to organise your event, the location needs to be first-class. A ten out of ten. Do you want a location in the middle of natural surroundings or in the heart of the bustling city? Do you want to meet amongst the camels or celebrate your anniversary on the football field? We’ll take care of it, like we’ll also take care of the party tent in your back garden. We organise your event exactly how you want it and work proactively to make things happen.

Event locations

PS Stadion 9 LR

Philips Stadium

We always go for the win

In the Philips Stadium, you will always achieve maximum enjoyment and results with business associates and colleagues. Whether it’s a large event, an intimate round of drinks, or a successful meeting, our team’s line-up is always ready to help you through the season. We arrange the most tasteful culinary menus and provide you with all the right facilities and equipment for your meetings, and all this in the most inspiring of spaces. We always go for the win!

Location: Eindhoven
Number of people: 5-5.000
(in the stands: 35.000)
Number of spaces: 20

Philips Stadium
Arena overdag lr

Johan Cruijff ArenA

Making an impact together

Home to the Ajax football club, the Dutch national football team, legendary concerts and inspiring business events. The Johan Cruijff ArenA wants to make a difference inside and outside the stadium through innovation, sustainable initiatives and being socially responsible. It is an exceptional location where the applause and cheers continue reverberating long after the event.

  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Number of people: 5-1.000
    (in the stands: 50.000)
  • Number of spaces: 18

Johan Cruijff ArenA
Hulstkampgebouw 43

Hulstkamp gebouw

The proud landmark of the Noordereiland in Rotterdam

On the banks of the Maas River stands the Hulstkamp Gebouw. The pruod landmark of the Noordereiland. After serving various purposes, this historic national monument has been operating for years as a multifunctional event venue. A splendid location for a corporate party, anniversary, presentation, or dinner!

  • Location: Rotterdam
  • Number of people: 5-750
  • Number of spaces: 5

20230223 Hutten Boshuys Tuinhuys 009 8907

't Boshuys

Unique event location in natural surroundings

‘t Boshuys is a beautiful catering, meeting and event location surrounded by the forests of the Sonse Heide nature reserve. Do you have something personal or professional to celebrate? Invite your guests to Zaal Boszicht in Brasserie ‘t Boshuys or our adjoining event location, ‘t Buitenhuys. 

  • Location: Best
  • Number of people: 5­–450
  • Number of spaces: 6

't Boshuys
Bethlehem jeroen savelkouls 001 LR2 0

Klooster Bethlehem

Authentic ambience meets contemporary style

This beautiful, stylish location on the grounds surrounding the Brabant village of Haren has everything you need under one roof and turns every event into the perfect day. The multi-functional Klooster Bethlehem location is suitable for smaller gatherings but can welcome up to 1,150 guests for larger events

  • Location: Haren (Oss)
  • Number of people: 150–1,150
  • Number of spaces: 6

Klooster Bethlehem


Unique event location in the heart of ‘s-Hertogenbosch

What could be more special than a party or event in a historical church in ‘s-Hertogenbosch’s city centre? This monastery church with beautiful murals comes equipped with all modern amenities and will exceed all your guests’ expectations. Whether it’s a business reception, a wedding, or a company party, the stylish Orangerie will make every event a success.

  • Location: ‘s-Hertogenbosch
  • Number of people: 150–750
  • Number of spaces: 3

Hutten DOMUSDELA Event Diner 1


Eindhoven's hidden gem

Old and new blend together perfectly in this complex called DOMUSDELA. With a church, chapel, four meeting rooms, Brasserie Rita and Boutique Hotel Mariënhage, this is a truly unique location for holding your multi-day event, attending a concert, having a bite to eat, or spending the night. 

  • Location: Eindhoven
  • Number of people: 5-750
  • Number of spaces: 8

20220616 Hutten WUR 013 min


Venue for conversation, inspiration and interaction

In Omnia by Wageningen University & Research, scientists, students, society, and partners come together, whether planned or by chance. Groups can use this venue for symposia, conferences, debates, roundtable discussions, thesis defences, workshops, and receptions. By engaging in dialogue, exchanging knowledge and interests, we reach solutions for global challenges that our society faces.

  • Location: Wageningen
  • Number of people: 30-272
  • Number of spaces: 5

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Ruwenberg 7 min 1

De Ruwenberg

Exceptional Stay

De Ruwenberg is the largest business hotel in the region of Den Bosch. The ground floor is entirely designed as a conference centre. At conference venue De Ruwenberg, you will find everything under one roof: 40 conference rooms, 196 hotel rooms, a restaurant, lounges, terraces, and wellness and sports facilities. Everything you need for one- or multi-day meetings, gatherings, and conferences. There is a wide variety of meeting rooms available for rent, and the terraces outside each wing, along with the beautiful surrounding greenery, invite you to venture outdoors.

  • Location: Sint-Michielsgestel
  • Number of people: 2-450
  • Number of spaces: 40

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D0cdcefb76f33939ee9b26364cd5b4082ff596dd 2725425753

Regina Coeli 

A peaceful environment where you can fully focus on learning a new language

In addition to the classrooms and multimedia room, our building offers various quiet study spots. In the restaurant and in the Chatwell bar, you can enjoy an extensive lunch and dinner. Furthermore, for participants staying in the guest accommodations, a healthy breakfast awaits in the morning. In the cozy bar, you can unwind with a drink in the evening.

  • Location: Vugt
  • Number of people: 2-450
  • Number of spaces: 40

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Your location

Are you still looking for the perfect location for your event? We manage and work with different locations throughout the Netherlands. Let us know if you need advice about which location is right for you.

Hutten Theaterfestival Boulevard s Hertogenbosch Culinair festival event food restaurant 8
20220211 Hutten Boshuys 010 6873

't Boshuys

‘t Boshuys is a beautiful catering, meeting and event location surrounded by the forests of the Sonse Heide nature reserve. Do you have something personal or professional to celebrate? Invite your guests to Zaal Boszicht in Brasserie ‘t Boshuys or our adjoining event location, ‘t Buitenhuys.

  • Location: Best

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Grand Café Mahler

Grand Café Mahler is located in The Edge Building on Gustav Mahlerlaan in Amsterdam. Take your time here to unwind, chat over a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, work flexibly while enjoying a refreshing mint tea, lounge in the sun on our terrace, or indulge in a delightful dinner. And if you want to hold a meeting or gather in a private space, we also provide a meeting room for that purpose!

  • Location: Amsterdam

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20220616 Hutten WUR 004 6463 min

Faculty Club Novum

Restaurant Faculty Club Novum is the culinary meeting place on the campus of Wageningen University & Research. Everyone is welcome here throughout the day for the finest campus coffee, a good lunch, a convivial drink, or a refined dinner. We delight with hospitable service and a menu filled with exceptional dishes and ingredients with a story. Novum stands for conceptual, contemporary, and sustainable, incorporating local products and ingredients into flavourful and extraordinary dishes.

  • Location: Wageningen

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Multi Tenant

20161102 Hutten Merin Jonny River 1954 min

Johnny River

The office building Johnny River is located in the Overamstel district, directly alongside the A2 and A10 highways. Here, you work with pleasure in an urban space. A place with a social heart, a restaurant, beautiful meeting rooms, ample parking space, and an inspiring working environment.

  • Location: Amsterdam

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810 1440x960


Fizzionparc is thé destination in the south of Apeldoorn for coffee, lunch, or a drink. Here, you will discover an ideal blend of work and relaxation. The ambiance, the selection, and the quality of the products provide a moment of healthy distraction, allowing you to momentarily step away from the demands of the day. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to have meetings or business discussions in a different setting, and to meet other residents of Fizzionparc.

  • Location: Apeldoorn

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20161031 Hutten Merin Blauw 8654


At BLAUW, you are in the right place for meetings. Whether you are a small business owner just starting out or part of a multinational corporation, there is always a suitable meeting room available. You are welcome every day for great coffee, breakfast, a healthy lunch, or a takeaway meal. We use fresh and wholesome ingredients. In the restaurant, you can not only enjoy food and drinks but also meet with clients and work. We are also happy to organize corporate events, lunches, and dinners.

  • Location: Den Bosch

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21 min


Luchtruim features spacious office floors, an espresso bar, a restaurant, meeting facilities, a fitness area and private parking. Luchtruim is located near Eindhoven Airport and is easily accessible by car and public transportation.

  • Location: Eindhoven

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Vision Plaza

Vision Plaza offers more than just high-quality office space. Unique to Schiphol Rijk is the food court and bookable meeting rooms at Vision Plaza.

  • Location: Schiphol

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Kantoorruimte huren eindhoven anderlechtstraat 15 foto 9 1


At the Noordkaap office building in Eindhoven, you will work and meet with pleasure! This location provides all the comfort that ensures you can optimize your meetings, work and enjoyment. This includes features like a reception area, a social hub with a restaurant, meeting rooms, as well as both an underground parking garage and an open parking area.

  • Location: Eindhoven

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The representative, standalone office building Polaris is situated in a beautiful office park. Here, you will work with pleasure due to the pleasant common areas, a delightful restaurant with our hospitable service and culinary F&B offerings, as well as meeting facilities.

  • Location: Hoofddorp

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190410 The Accelerator 1125x750


Accelerator is a multifunctional space at Utrecht Science Park. It provides accommodations for various large companies as well as startups. Additionally, it serves as a place where employees, students, and visitors can collaborate, meet, dine and engage in activities. The space includes an auditorium, meeting rooms, and an extensive restaurant.

Location: Utrecht

Accelerator Utrecht

In the spotlight: ”Toppers in Concert”

Johan Cruijff ArenA

After a two-year absence, the Toppers were back in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, with a vengeance! It was a grand and compelling celebration. Our VIP guests enjoyed a delicious Flower Power dinner and an amazing concert.

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