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Where we come from

Hutten was established 94 years ago by the Hutten family, our guiding principle has always been offering added value to teamworkers, clients, guests, and society as a whole. For the customers at grandpa Jan’s bakery, for the guests in Piet and Ria’s restaurant, and for the many clients and suppliers with whom Bob has worked with over the years – each generation has had its own way of doing business, but always with the idea of contributing, adding value, or being of service to others. For the current family owners, a deep-rooted relationship with the people in their surroundings and connecting with nature and culture are the foundation of their approach. However, contributing to people’s happiness stands at the very heart of the company and is the guiding principle that drives everything Hutten does. 

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Chain management and working together

Much has changed over the years, but a lot has remained the same. We have grown immensely, and we do things today that didn’t even exist in the early years. However, the values that drive our business, wanting to help others, hasn’t changed. Hutten adopts a clear attitude and leads the way in new trends and developments. One of the ways we do so is by managing our own supply chain. That means that we actively and intensively work with our supply chain partners to deliver our products and services to the customer as effectively as possible. In doing so, we always contribute to the healthy, sustainable and happy future of everyone that works for and with us. It also means that we have our own production, distribution and logistics facilities. This allows us to retain control of our supply chain from its source to your plate. 

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Progressive with culinary craftsmanship and sincere hospitality

Our products are reflective of our distinguishing qualities. They are daily evidence of the way we think and act and who we want to be. Our products are made from responsibly produced ingredients and always taste excellent. Because we want to be a market leader, our products will always have to be better and tell the entire story. We strive to do this every day. Our service also reflects our approach: always anticipating the moment when we can create added value for others. And, to be able to do so, we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and genuinely try to connect with others. We want to do what’s right and have been doing so for 94 years. 

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“Contributing to people's happiness is the most important to them and is the starting point for everything Hutten does”

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