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Hutten as a business catering service

Through culinary craftsmanship, entrepreneurial hospitality and a touch of daring, we make sure our guests enjoy our business catering services. We know what we do and what we have to do. We care for all our client’s needs with the finest fresh food and drink. And, we work towards creating a green, healthy future. Because food that is incredibly good for your body is also good for the planet and we are only too glad to let our teamworkers and guests know. In this developing market, we are transparent, creative, resourceful and flexible. We come up with solutions that matter. With our roots in event catering, we create energy hubs where people can flourish. We provide the connections at locations where meetings play an increasingly central role. And, where a transition is needed, we help make the shift. Clients who choose us know that. That is how we make an impact together.

Hutten Business Caterin voor bedrijven

Guests come first

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Guests come first

In our business catering locations, everything revolves around contented employees. That is why we focus on continuing to delight guests and the experience. We look at the needs of the various target groups on the work floor and adjust our assortment accordingly. This assortment is developed and prepared by chefs from our innovative kitchen and by our own concept and product developers. This always makes our products distinctive. And our guests? They really appreciate it! In the ‘At work’ category from the GfK Out of Home Formule Rapport, we have been awarded first place in the Netherlands four times over of the past five years.

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Culinary craftsmanship

Well-being is an essential item on the agenda of many organisations, including ours! Happy and healthy employees are more motivated, more productive, and less likely to miss work. Healthy food provides an essential contribution to this well-being. That is why we serve only the best food and drink and want to show that healthy food can be delicious. We help our guests make healthy choices with an extensive range of attractively presented fresh products. We strive to reduce the amount of animal protein. We do this by developing recipes that follow the EAT-Lancet study guidelines and shifting our focus to vegetables when preparing mouth-watering dishes. Our collective goals? We measure those each quarter with the help of the Well-being Monitor.

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Climate positive

Our planet is faced with an enormous challenge: providing enough healthy food for everyone, both now and in the future. The emission levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases must decrease. We are stepping up and are fully committed to reducing our CO2 emissions. We want to achieve net zero emissions by 2030 for both our products and third-party services and contributions. That’s when we will become climate positive. We purchase our ingredients from regenerative and organic farmers from the local area. They work on restoring the soil, improving water quality and increasing biodiversity. We work increasingly with seasonal products. We make and serve food following the EAT-Lancet study guidelines, which increases the role of plant-based foods. Our chefs make everything delicious and develop hybrid products where some of the animal proteins are replaced by plant-based proteins or vegetables.

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Hutten Business Caterin voor bedrijven
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Hutten Business Horeca gezond en vers lunchaanbod, saladebar bij De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam
Hutten Business Horeca bedrijfsrestaurant De Nederlandsche Bank gezond lunchaanbod
Hutten Business Horeca bedrijfsrestaurant De Nederlandsche Bank vers lunchaanbod
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“Vitality is high on the agenda of many organizations, including ours!”