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Where we make our food 

We love homemade foods; that is culinary craftsmanship. We also want to know where our ingredients come from. With those ingredients, we make almost everything ourselves; in our traditional kitchen, our care bakery, and De Verspillingsfabriek (Surplus Food Factory).

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Centre for culinary craftsmanship

We are the only caterer in the Netherlands to have a centre for culinary craftsmanship: a 1400-m2 kitchen where we prepare our dishes by hand 24/7 for all our restaurants and locations. Every day, we make fresh salads and spreads for our sandwiches, fresh to-go products (chef’s salads, fruit and veggie pots, ready-made sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, wraps, side salads and desserts) and a variety of international dishes for when you have to work overtime or don’t have time to cook yourself.

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Our care bakery 

Most of the bakers in our care bakery are hard of hearing. So they’re not big on words, but they’re very good with their hands, which they use to communicate and to knead, roll and bake all that homemade goodness. It always smells delicious there. Wonderfully sweet when they bake biscuits, muffins, brownies or our banana bread from rescued, overripe bananas. Deliciously spicy when our sausage rolls are in the oven. Or... that chocolate smell! Because our patisserie works with the most fragrant chunks of pure chocolate and prepares mouth-watering bonbons with surprising fillings. We bake the world a better place; taste the difference! 

Hutten de verspillingsfabriek

De Verspillingsfabriek 

De Verspillingsfabriek makes tasty soups and sauces from fresh left-over ingredients from vegetable processors, farmers and growers. A shipment of damaged courgettes, onions that are too small, knobbly pumpkins, cauliflower and broccoli cuttings, spotty bell peppers... the factory knows what to do with those! They make products bursting with goodness: more fresh vegetables, no artificial preservatives with E-numbers, and lots and lots of herbs and spices. A large part of the team is made up of people who have challenges entering the labour market, but the only labels you’ll find here are the ones that go on the packaging. They think in terms of opportunities because we hate to let talent go to waste.

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“We love homemade, that's the real culinary craft”

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