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Climate positive  

Our planet is faced with an enormous challenge: providing enough healthy food for everyone, both now and in the future. The emission levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases must decrease. We are fully committed to reducing our CO2 emissions. We want to achieve net zero emissions by 2030 for both our products and third-party services and contributions. That is when we will become climate positive.

Choose and buy consciously

We purchase our ingredients from regenerative and organic farmers from the local area. They work on restoring the soil, improving water quality and increasing biodiversity. We work increasingly with seasonal products. We prepare and serve food following the EAT-Lancet diet guidelines, which increases the role of plant-based foods. Our chefs make everything delicious and develop hybrid products where some of the animal proteins are replaced by plant-based proteins or vegetables.

On our route to 2030, we have determined five focus areas with which we will focus on the necessary CO2 reduction: less gas and energy, sourcing differently, purchasing differently, wasting less and packaging less.

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Our route to climate positive

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Less gas and energy

The gas, electricity and fuel we use fall under scope 1 and 2 emissions. These emissions are a small part of our total emissions. We will reduce these as much as possible in the coming years. In practice, this means only using green electricity that we generate ourselves as much as possible, reducing gas consumption and electrifying the vehicle fleet.

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Source differently

We are contributing to a circular food system in which we close cycles close to home and balance plant and animal production. We do this by working together with regenerative and/or organic farmers. They grow many different crops. This is good for biodiversity, water quality and the soil and ensures CO2 storage in the soil.

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Eat differently

Our advice for a healthy and sustainable diet is in line with the findings of the Eat Lancet study. With our products and dishes we show everyone that healthy and sustainable food go hand in hand and that you still eat very well: less animal, more plant-based, locally sourced, from the season and fresh as much as possible.

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Less packaging

Our packaging and disposable policy combines our vision and ambition for sustainable packaging. As part of this vision, various pillars have been drawn up that can be found in the circularity model: the R-circle. This model was designed by Hutten to provide insight into how important themes within packaging and disposables relate to each other and what we believe they consist of. Based on the vision, we apply the pillars and associated interventions from this model within our organization.

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Wasting less

Hutten has been fighting food waste through its own production for years. We annually measure food waste within the various divisions and adjust the objectives every year.

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